Number of people: 5-6 people
The cost of swimming in the tank: 400 UAH. / H.
Two or more hours: 300uah / h

We offer our guests a unique kind of vacation – a healing vat. Bathing in vat stimulates function of immune system and thyroid gland function, improves the activity of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, promotes recovery after traumas and fractures, returns flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

The procedure runs outdoors. All members of your family will enjoy it. There can stay 5-6 persons at the same time.

The vat is filled with cold mineral water that is based on the salt brine. There are also an extract of pine needles and branches of spruce. At the bottom of the vat are stones of the mountain river that flows near the Resort.

Fire burns under the vat. The water is slowly heated up to 35-40 degrees. You need to rotate a swimming in the vat with diving in the pool with cold water, which is located nearby.

In the vat you will be offered herbal tea and fish cooked on the grill.

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