Excursion "Kosiv - the folk art center of Hutsulshchyna"
The distance in both directions: 30 km
Duration: 5 hours.
Clothing:  comfortable athletic clothing and footwear.
Things you need to take: drinking water, camera.
Cost of the excursion:  
Number of persons: 1-4 5-12 13-40
Transport car minibus bus LAZ
Price (per group) ) 100 UAH 2500 UAH by appointment*

* The price includes tour guide services and transportation.


During the excursion tourists will visit one of the most interesting cities of Prykarpattia region, the pearl of Hutsulshchyna - Kosiv.

One of the points of excursion is visiting the Museum of Folk Art of Hutsulshchyna, which fund has more than 20 000 exhibits, and market of Hutsul products with the possibility to buy souvenirs (market works only on Saturdays).

Additional charges: ticket to the Museum of Folk Art of Hutsulshchyna - about 2 UAH.

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