Excursion to the lake Lebedyn
The distance in both directions: 14 km 
Duration::  6-7 hours.
uniforms: comfortable athletic clothing and footwear, headgear. 
Things you need to take : drinking water, dry rations, camera.
Cost of the excursion:  
Type of tour pedestrian сar and walking
Number of persons 1-4 5-12 13-40 1-4 5-12 13-40
Price (per group) 150 UAH.* 200 UAH.* by appointment* 200 UAH.* 300 UAH.*

by appointment*

The price includes tour guide services. 

The price includes tour guide services and transportation

On the outskirt of the village Sheshory, at an altitude of 615 m is located the lake Lebedyn ,surrounded by forest and meadows which are rich in herbs. There are different legends that reveal secrets of the lake, but all of them are related to Tatar raids on these regions. You can hear all these legends from the mouth of the guide when you visit a fascinating excursion of our Resort! 

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