Excursion to the Pysany Kamin
The distance in both directions: 128 km (including 12 m of walking pace)
Duration: 7 hours.
Clothing:  comfortable athletic clothing and footwear, headwear.
Things you need to take: drinking water, food, camera, binoculars. 
Cost of the excursion:  
Number of persons: 1-4 5-12 13-40
Transport car/car UAZ minibus bus LAZ
Price (per group) ) 250 - 350 UAH* 400 - 600 UAH* by appointment*

* The price includes tour guide services and transportation.


During the excursion tourists will go to the mountain Pysany Kamin (1221 m above the sea level), on top of which stands a giant rock with mysterious sacrificial wells and numerous rock inscriptions and signs.

From the Pysany Kamin you can see beautiful views of the villages of Kosiv, Kolomyia and Verkhovyna areas, and on Goverla Mountain and Chornohora mountain range.

Scheme of route:

Sheshory - Bukovets mountain pass (you will see Hutsul house and mountain lake, height - 835 m above the sea level);

The move to the top of Pysany Kamin (you will see panoramas of the spine Chornohirskyi and Romanian Carpathians and you will look at the rock Pysany Kamin);

The rest;

Return to the mountain pass - move to Sheshory;

Other services

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