Excursion to the Ternoshorska Lada
The distance in both directions: 25 km 
Duration: 2-3 hours.
Clothing:  comfortable athletic clothing and footwear, headwear.
Things you need to take: drinking water, camera.
Cost of the excursion:  
Number of persons: 1-4 5-12 13-40
Transport car minibus bus LAZ
Price (per group) ) 200 UAH 400 UAH by appointment*

* The price includes tour guide services and transportation.


Visit a new and exciting excursion of our Resort to Ternoshorska Lada - man-made stone statue of the goddess, whose age has more than 40 000 years. 

Ternoshorska Lada is a model for a large number of similar figures, separated by race for the White endless space from the Atlantic to Transbaikalia. Statue of goddess Lada is located in rock sanctuary of Ternoshory, near the village Snidavky Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The statue is made succinctly, in a big way, by confident hand of the master. It depicts a pregnant woman and represents its main vocation - motherhood. Figure has no face, but well-defined chest, back and right arm, located between the chest and belly. The statue is made at the rate that it will be watching at the bottom. Its total weight is 100 tons.

For ages, people worshiped to this goddess. A small statue of the Great Mother was kept in every home. She protected the house from all harm, brought happiness, and most importantly - helped pregnancy and childbirth.

Nowadays many people convinced that Goddess Lada has an extraordinary strength. We have visited the couples who could not have children for many years. Having tried almost all methods, they decided to ask for help Great Mother ... and she heard them. Now every family raising a wonderful healthy kids.

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