Resort "Sheshory" offers its guests three meals of a "standard" type.

For cooking we use only fresh products which local farmers supply us. Traditional Ukrainian dishes and Hutsul cuisine are an essential part of the menu. In the daily diet there are fish, meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits.

For dinner you can order your own caught fish in the pond or mushrooms found during the walk in the local wood. And if you want to make a real Hutsul holiday, wе recommend tasting delicious sausages, cooked on grill and live beer "Mikulin"!

A great addition to food are herbal teas, prepared with a number of Carpathian herbs. The healing power of nature in aromatic herbal teas fills you with energy, adds vitality and bring pleasure. For our visitors we also offer mineral water, prepared on the basis of local salt brine and oxygen cocktails, which our young guests like.

А cozy interior of the cafe-bar "Winter Garden", made in the traditional Hutsul style, helps you to get maximum pleasure from eating. Attendants will provide a good European service combined with а real Ukrainian hospitality. You will see that foods can surprise and stir you not less than Carpathian landscape!

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Café "Winter Garden"