Hippotherapy - is a form of physical education, where recovery basis - Move. It differs from other forms of physical therapy especially high efficiency and uniqueness of the rehabilitation of influence. During classes VYI (horse riding) accounted for a positive impact not only on the physical but also psycho-emotional sphere riders. In the process driving the work included almost all the muscles of man. This happens on the reflex level, because sitting on a horse and moving together with the animal, the rider tries to keep his balance and thereby encourages active muscles of the whole body.

A horse like no other animal connects us with nature helps reinforce health and adapt to the rapid pace of life, as well as to fully relax. But that's not all. It can help you recover from many different zahvoryuvan.I still that you can get as a result of riding and hippotherapy?

VYI (therapeutic riding) restores imbalance movements, thereby preventing many diseases linked to sedentary lifestyle - physical inactivity. A positive factor caused by psychogenic emotional communication (communication with the horse). LVYI relevant in the treatment of children suffering from disorders of the locomotor system and psycho-emotional sphere. It is also important to note that classes will help get rid of many diseases, not only children but also adults.

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