Therapeutic massages


Massage LPG is used to combat excessive weight, localized fat deposits, cellulite, body swelling, low back pain, changes in shape after childbirth and more.

Nugabest - is a multipurpose complex of massage, whose work is based on three principles of oriental medicine, reflexology, acupressure and warm up.

The combination of different methods of influence on the human body provides an effective treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, peripheral nervous system, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurogenic disorders, and vascular origin, weather sensitivity, problems,connected with overweight, provides correction of posture in teenagers and adolescence and more.

Massage is considered not only an element of rest and relaxation , but also has a strong therapeutic effect. Our experts will offer a variety of massages , depending on the needs of your body

The prices of massage:

Thai Physical rehabilitation 100,00 UAH
Chinese (lymphatic) back 60,00 UAH
back legs 60,00 UAH
front legs 60,00 UAH
chest 60,00 UAH
hands 60,00 UAH
buttocks 60,00 UAH
Hydro Foot + Hand Massage Foot   60,00 UAH
Precision-cosmetic head, neck, face 100,00 UAH
Anti-cellulite stomach 80,00 UAH
back legs 80,00 UAH
front legs 80,00 UAH
Hard back legs 70,00 UAH
front legs 70,00 UAH
hands 60,00 UAH
stomach 60,00 UAH
buttocks 60,00 UAH
Honeyed back 80,00 UAH
back legs 60,00 UAH
front legs 60,00 UAH
General sanative   200,00 UAH

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