Treatment by mineral water
Title: Skhidnytska 118
The content of salt: 6-8 г/л
Term use as a preventive measure: up to 30 days




In our Resort you can be treated mineral water, prepared on the basis of local salt brine, which is analogous Morshinskoy and positive impact on job gastrointestinal tract, improves liver function and displays the body of salts and toxins.

We offer visitors a unique opportunity Resort curative mineral water "Skhidnytske 118" from our partners

Visitors can taste it and enjoy the benefits of mineral water.

It can be used both for prevention and for treatment. Doctors recommend to use mineral water for various diseases. Included in this


gallbladder disease;
liver disease.
Mineral water "Skhidnytske 118" is rich in healing minerals and trace elements.

In addition, it has special physical and chemical properties. The content of salt in it is 6-8 g / l. Water is desirable to subject to thermal effects.

Since in this case it will lose useful properties. It is important to note that before using it for medicinal purposes should definitely consult a doctor.

As a preventive measure "Skhidnytske 118" is recommended to take no more than 30 days. And then be sure to make the interval of 3-6 months. It is also important to note that the first day of the recommended dose is 50 ml. Well, on the second it can be increased to 100 ml.

It is best to water for those who suffer from hyperacidity.

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