Walking excursion to the Sheshorski waterfalls
The distance in both directions: 7 km 
Duration:  4 hours.
Uniforms:  comfortable clothes and athletic shoes , in the summer - bathing suits. 
Things you need to take : Drinking water, camera, scarf for women (to visit the church). 
Cost of the excursion:  
Number of persons  1-4 5-12 13-40
Price (per group)  60 UAH* 100 UAH* by appointment*

The price includes tour guide services. 

During this excursion tourists will learn interesting facts of the history of the village Sheshory and they’ll see the cascade of Silvery waterfalls, including one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carpathian - Large Hook, elevation drop of water of which reaches 5 m . 


In the warm season everyone can dive in crystal-clear water of mountain river Pistynka. Also excursion program includes visiting the local church of St. Paraskeva and review of the homestead, where the legendary song "Gutsulka Ksenia" was created.

For guests of Resort "Sheshory", living longer than 7 days, the excursion is free. 

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