Winter rest

Resort "Sheshory" invites you to spend a fantastic vacation in the Carpathian Mountains in winter!

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of snow-covered mountains, bustling waterfalls, dreamy trees, breathe healthful mountain air, and in the evening, after a day full of excitement - enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to celebrate a wonderful New Year and Christmas, full of old Hutsul traditions. Besides the holiday menu, you will have the exciting entertaining program and fun Hutsul entertainment.

You will have unforgettable memories of incredible horse rides on a sledge when there is a frost and snow falls to the ground, and there are only mountains covered with soft white snow everywhere.

Beside this, Sheshory is the famous ski resort in the Carpathians. Not far from of our Resort is located slope of length of 800 m. There is a single tow lift.

For clients Resort "Sheshory" organizes a transfer to the ski slope.

Visit Sheshory in the winter and you'll return here again and again!